GoFoam supports the environmental and economic benefits of foam products in Hawaii. Foam is often mistakenly referred to as Styrofoam, a registered trademark of the Dow Chemical Company that is used for insulation.

Foam is a versatile product used in disposable food-grade foodservice supplies and protective packaging material.


Did you know that your foam products are turned into energy? Oahu is fortunate to have H-POWER (Honolulu Program of Waste Energy Recovery) working hard to convert garbage into electricity. H-POWER consumes 2,160 tons of garbage per day and reduces Hawaii’s landfill volume by 90 percent, all while converting trash into valuable electricity for roughly 50,000 households. So rather than contribute to landfills, your foam refuse helps power Hawaii!

Foam products are lightweight, strong, heat resistant, insulated, moisture resistant, and affordable.
Foam products serve as a vital part of Hawaii’s economy, offering much-needed jobs and business solutions in healthcare, education, and foodservice industries. Foam food containers save schools, businesses, government agencies, and consumers millions of dollars every year.

Foam saves money in Hawaii’s education system: A typical polystyrene tray costs significantly less than a compostable tray, which allows schools to invest more money in students.

Foam products are valued in healthcare: Most hospitals use polystyrene foam products to minimize exposure to bacteria and other foodborne pathogens.

The foam manufacturing industry is dedicated to keeping costs low, increasing efficiency and excellence, and delivering solutions for economic growth.